Tips on Eating Out When You Have IBS

Taking a break from cooking dinner can be pretty satisfying. Especially when you go to a nice restaurant with great company. It’s a nice way to unwind from the pressures of adulting throughout the week. However, picture this… While your friends are chatting about their week, you’re perusing through the menu and remember “Oh my, I have IBS!”. Eating out when you have IBS can be a struggle if you make it one. That’s why our gastroenterologists in Orlando FL, have a couple of suggestions on what to do in this situation. Just sit back, relax, and read on for more information.

There are many people living with irritable bowel syndrome that still enjoy the luxury of dining out. The first thing you have to do is make sure that this condition doesn’t take over your life. It’s manageable and if you make the right diet choices, you’ll even forget that you have this condition.

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Tip #1: Study the menu

If you already know which restaurant you’ll be dining at, look up the menu online. Aren’t smart phones great?! This will cut down the time of you reading and being indecisive at the restaurant. You’ll be able to take your sweet time and see the ingredients each entrée has. And now that society is more health cautious, most restaurants will identify their veggie, gluten-free, and dairy-free choices!

Tip #2: Be prepared for anything

Unfortunately, IBS doesn’t leave room for spontaneity. You’re already starting off right in preparing yourself by reading this blog—good job! Anyhow, planning your night out—even if it doesn’t mirror your itinerary, will lessen any feelings of stress and anxiety. When there’s less stress and anxiety, you have more control of your bowel movements. Also, sit at a table near the restroom. Not close as in you’ll be able to smell it, but close enough that you can run to it if you need to. You should also drive your own car in case you need to leave early.

Tip #3: Don’t dine out on an empty stomach

Eating out when you have IBS doesn’t mean that you fast till you get to the restaurant to build up an appetite. This is not the way to approach the situation. Our gastroenterologists in Orlando FL suggest you having a snack before heading out. That way you won’t eat with your eyes, and accidently consume something that’ll trigger your symptoms.

Tip #4: Eat and drink wisely

Our gastroenterologists in Orlando FL highly recommend you eat and drink wisely when you’re eating out when you have IBS. Sure everyone is different and has different triggers, but there types of foods anyone with IBS should try to avoid. This includes fatty or creamy foods, deep fried foods, and sizable portions. Instead of soda, try cranberry juice with seltzer, and instead of coffee, try hot water with herbal tea. Think low FODMAP foods!

Eating out when you have IBS sure is intimidating, but once you learn your triggers and dominate your diet, nothing can stop you from going on a fun dinner night! Just follow all of the suggestions from our gastroenterologists in Orlando FL! For any more tips, feel free to look through our blogs. If you need to schedule an appointment, call (407)506-0006.